Digitalisation activities bundled in the Krones Ecosystem

The digitalisation strategies of Krones and Syskron are merging and will be bundled in the Krones Ecosystem in the future. Syskron is the enabler behind the new Krones Ecosystem.

Change of strategy

at Syskron

A little over a year ago, SYSKRON underwent a strategic change. Since then, the digitalisation strategies of the parent company Krones and SYSKRON have merged. From now on, all threads come together in the Krones Ecosystem. This stretches like an invisible dome over all of the group's connected lines and machines and interlinks them at the data level. The line and production data collected in this process provide the basis for the use of existing cloud services as well as other digital solutions from Krones in the future.

and central IIoT platform

The IIoT platform developed by SYSKRON is the first central component of the new portal, which will provide customers with central access to Krones' digital solutions in future. When a client logs into his, he will not only be able to access all the available cloud services from there, but will also be able to find other digital offerings from the group directly, such as the In the long term, all of the group's digital solutions will be centrally bundled in the


of the Syskron portfolio

Right from the start, the software solutions of SYSKRON are therefore important components of the new Krones Ecosystem. Our products are thus re-located at Krones and move from the SYSKRON website to the Krones website. If you now click on a product name in the menu of the SYSKRON site, you will from now on be taken directly to the corresponding new product page of the Krones website.

Better TCO

thanks to Krones Ecosystem

Registering with the IIoT platform is the first step into the world of the Krones Ecosystem. The full added value of Krones' digitalisation offering is revealed to those clients who use not just one, but several digital applications. By putting together their own individual digitalisation package from various cloud services and other solutions, line operators can, for example, reduce downtimes, save resources or achieve savings in running costs - and thus also in TCO.


as an enabler

The enabler behind the Krones Ecosystem and the associated services is SYSKRON as an independent company and digitalisation specialist within the Krones group.