Digital transformation

Fast progress through IT and automation solutions.


IT and automation solutions give those who understand the need to use them an enormous competitive advantage. How? By generating, using and distributing information for specific tasks. Or to put it another way: because they turn what is purely a production facility into an intelligent factory.

Do you want to get your business into shape for the digital transformation? Then tap into the cumulated experience of Syskron. As part of the Krones Group, we know the food and beverage industry inside out. We understand the processes; we are aware of the current challenges and are familiar with every element of the production facilities. We incorporate this expertise in our IT projects. This provides our customers with a factory in which software and machine technologies interact seamlessly in support of one another.

SAP or SitePilot? The decision is yours

As a vendor-neutral system provider, we are not tied to any one software platform. Depending on the project and customer requirement, we work both in the SAP environment and with the industry solutions from the SitePilot world.

The social network for production plants

Share2Act is a mobile app for the beverage and food industry. It provides all those involved in production with a platform which allows them to share information and experiences with one another – intuitively, in real time, interdisciplinarily.