Line Management

Mastering complexity in production

With our order and material management, you use your machines and materials optimally. This enables you to achieve high-performance production with reduced changeover times, lower material consumption and maximum availability.



  • Complex production lines
  • Many different products in different batch sizes
  • Many manual interventions due to changeovers and order changes
  • Frequent interruption of production due to changeover and retooling times
  • Seamless batch tracking


In this webinar we will introduce you to SitePilot Line Management - our order and material management system.

Our solution enables you to optimise your production processes and to produce economically despite a high product variety.


of the Webinar

  • Warm up - Challenges with complex production lines
  • Get ready - Best practice solutions and success stories from the beverage and liquid food industry
  • Deep dive - How to master complexity and diversity in your production with Line Management
  • What's left - Space for open questions, answers and individual solutions


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