Line performance at a glance

Webinar - KPI Visualisation, Analytics and Reports

Visualising the most important key performance indicators  of your machines and lines, thus providing the basis for a continual improvement process.



  • Long term analysis of the line or individual machines 
  • Identification of weaknesses in the line 
  • All relevant production figures at a glance (real-time and history)
  • Documenting and commenting on incidents in a shift
  • Identification of the main causes of faults

In this webinar we will introduce the cloud-based service Performance.

Performance provides you with a live overview of the current state of your machine and also visualises the most important KPIs of your production process. Thus, you can find out exactly which areas have the untapped potential to continue increasing your line productivity. 


of the Webinar

  • Warm up - Meeting the challenges of line transparency with modern solutions
  • Get ready - Share2Act - the sustainable IIoT cloud solution for all sectors of the beverage & liquid food industry
  • Get connected - Our IoT Edge device and data collector ReadyKit
  • Deep dive - Share2Act Performance - smart KPI visualisation, live reports and analytics in the cloud
  • What's left - Space for open questions, answers and individual solutions


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