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Transparency in the supply chain

The need to track and trace individual products as they proceed along the supply chain has become a major issue in the beverage and liquid food industry.

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Seamless information

If all required duties to keep evidence are to be met unconditionally, the seamless tracking and tracing of raw materials or product batches is a must-have for beverage and liquid food producers. They not only help you create transparency across the entire supply chain, but also guarantee seamless verifiability right down to the individual pack.

Our solution

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In product manufacturing


Our process control system

  • controls and monitors all steps of batch production.
  • enables the seamless tracking and tracing of product batches from the start of the order to the end.
  • guarantees the easy tracking of product defects.

Our solutions:

In filling and packaging


Our order and material management

  • logs all processes in your production down to the exact batch.
  • tracks every single batch closely – even within complex production lines.
  • supplies integrated tracking and tracing reports.
  • contains a forwards and backwards search facility as well as drill-down mechanisms.
  • enables targeted recall actions and supplier quality assessment.

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