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There is a constant increase in demand for new beverages, while the tastes of consumers are changing ever more frequently. What this means for production and filling businesses is that they have to supply new, high-quality products at ever shorter intervals – and of course without allowing any loss of quality.

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Your challenge

Consistent quality level

From receipt of the raw materials to shipment of the goods, consistently high quality and product safety always have top priority. But this can only be ensured if the necessary requirements are met. They include continuous verifiability, reliable processes and results from sampling and prompt notification of possible irregularities.

Our solution

An overview

Across the entire supply chain


Our laboratory information management system

  • records all quality-related information in a factory and documents it seamlessly.
  • shows the exact quality status of your products at all times, enabling immediate intervention if there is even the smallest deviation in quality.
  • ensures that legal requirements duties to keep evidence are fulfilled.
  • guarantees high product safety and consistently verifiable quality.

In product manufacturing


Our process control system

  • creates the foundation for a reproducible manufacturing process.
  • guarantees consistent product stability.
  • helps you stabilise your processes and ensure a high quality level for your products.

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In filling and packaging


Our production data acquisition and analysis

  • records quality-related data and provides the results in dashboards and reports.
  • shows weak points and bottlenecks in the line at a glance and enables these to be optimised appropriately.
  • forms the basis for perfect product quality.

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Our order and material management

  • allows label printers and coding devices to be integrated into the line so that important product information and shelf lives can be coded automatically.
  • logs the processes in your production down to the exact batch, allowing you to track every single batch closely even within complex production lines.
  • keeps the error potential low and raises quality and efficiency to the highest level.
  • enables targeted recall actions and supplier quality assessment through the “Tracking & Tracing” module.

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