Order and material management

Making sure production runs smoothly

Producers of beverages and liquid food can save energy and raw materials with carefully considered order and material management.

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Your challenge

Ensuring availability

Good planning is half the battle – particularly when you want to produce many different varieties or container types or want to keep the necessary amount of flexibility throughout production. That means not losing sight of the big picture, ensuring constant material availability and keeping the option of batch traceability open.

Our solution

An overview

Across the entire supply chain


our Asset Management

  • enables and optimises the allocation of required spare parts to maintenance and repair orders.
  • enhances machine availability by optimising maintenance flows:
    • standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on the documentation.
    • optional: data of the Krones LCS including listing of the parts required.

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In product manufacturing


Our process control system

  • monitors and controls all steps of batch production.
  • enables the efficient use of raw materials.
  • plans, manages and processes orders.
  • offers clear material validation.

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In filling and packaging


Our order and material management

  • assists in frequent product change-overs and allows orders to be changed on-the-fly.
  • enables maximum line utilisation and a reduction in product change-over, conversion and cleaning times.
  • implements tank and quantity-precise production orders.
  • organises the efficient supply and disposal of materials, including their validation.
  • provides an integrated tracking & tracing report with the aid of all order and material information.

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