Mastering complexity

Optimum line utilisation

Probably the greatest challenge for beverage and liquid food companies is to make their complex processes as efficient as possible – especially if they have several lines or even multiple locations.

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Your challenge

Flexibility in the line

Even if you are manufacturing different products across multiple lines, that doesn’t rule out flexibility and efficiency. In fact, the idea then is to configure all processes so that both every single line is being utilised to the full and you keep all options open should changes be required at short notice – and of course without compromising on quality at the same time. This applies for planned production just as much as urgent jobs, for instance.

Our solution

An overview

Across the entire supply chain


Our production planning and control system

  • brings all planning-related information together into a single system.
  • shows the status and feasibility of current and planned production and highlights risks at an early stage.
  • plans all production stages from procurement to goods issue, covering the entire horizontal supply chain.

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Our business intelligence system

  • consolidates the wide, varied and often complex data of all IT solutions in a company.
  • records and links data across not only lines but also systems and locations.
  • automatically establishes technical references between the data.
  • helps you reach decisions on current or upcoming production.

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Our consultancy team

  • boasts detailed technical knowledge of the complex relationships in beverage and liquid food production.
  • will help you transition either parts of your supply chain or entire lines to the digital factory step by step.
  • assists you in optimising your plant.
  • improves the relevant processes and systems, from supplying the line with processing and operating materials to organising yard management.

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In filling and packaging


Our order and material management

  • helps you manage your complex production lines safely and without errors.
  • helps you produce a wide range of products or small batch sizes economically.
  • ideally coordinates and handles all orders relating to filling and packaging.
  • guarantees a continuous flow of information – from the production plan right through to the single machine and line order.


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