Made-to-measure intralogistics

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

No two value chains are alike – if the best possible solution is to be achieved, every element, from the software to the conveyor systems, must be tailored specifically to your requirements. What you get from us are made-to-measure intralogistics solutions.

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Your challenge

Manage material and goods flows optimally

Increasing article diversity, the need to ensure high goods availability, short loading times alongside increases in efficiency and reductions in costs – the requirements on intralogistics are enormous and entail a high level of complexity. Our answer: intralogistics solutions that are designed specifically for the needs of the beverage and liquid food industry.

Our solution

an overview

In intralogistics


Our Warehouse Management System

  • is a combination of a warehouse management system (WMS) and a material flow computer (MFC), forming an integrated solution (WCS) that allows processes, goods flows and storage areas to be optimally networked, controlled and administratively monitored.
  • can be integrated completely into the IT system infrastructure of your value chain.
  • consists of state-of-the-art software technologies that have already been tried and tested in the industry.
  • as part of SitePilot Logistics Execution, is fully compatible with all our other software solutions.

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OUR SAP Warehouse Management System


  • an integrated material flow control
  • flexible modelling of processes and warehouse
  • high process and inventory transparency
  • standard integration with SAP ERP and SAP technologies
  • applications for mobile devices based on SAP Fiori

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Our automation systems

  • are based on a scalable, decentralised system architecture.
  • are designed with the very latest development tools, e.g. Siemens TIA-Portal, EPLAN P8.
  • consist of high-quality system components, e.g. controller: Siemens S7-1500 F series, drive technology: Lenze/SEW, fieldbus: Profinet/ASI.
  • come with a SCADA system for the detailed, two-dimensional representation and control of your line.
  • offer a freely selectable zoom factor with a high level of detail.
  • enable location-independent access via tablets in the field.
  • have a user-friendly multi-touch navigation.

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as a general contractor for intralogistics

  • we implement made-to-measure intralogistics solutions.
  • we are not tied to particular manufacturers in the hardware we offer.
  • we enable you to achieve an integrated solution that is tailored optimally to your application.
  • we have in System Logistics an intralogistics specialist within the Krones Group that has its own technology centre in Germany.


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