Inventory management

Perfectly planned stock keeping

The limited shelf life of raw materials and end products makes efficient inventory management absolutely essential.

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Your challenge

Ideally organised flows of goods in the warehouse

There are many aspects to efficiency. One of them is certainly knowing precisely every last little detail of production. That starts right from organising how you receive goods: only if you have a complete overview of your inventories you can also time the procurement of the necessary materials ideally – making sure you always have exactly the right quantity in stock at all times.

Our solution

An overview

Across the entire supply chain


Our asset management

  • knows, manages and visualises the inventories of spare parts that are relevant for maintenance and repairs.
  • records the costs of subsequent procurement and enables the necessary parts to be ordered from stored suppliers.

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In product manufacturing


Our process control system

knows, manages and visualises the inventories in the silo and tanks.

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In filling and packaging


Our order and material management

  • knows the inventories required for production and manages the corresponding storage bins.
  • reports consumption, keeps an overview of materials currently being used and can show remaining quantities.

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