Condition Monitoring

Watchdog reliably monitors defined limit values and detects changes in machine states at an early stage. If the corresponding limits are exceeded or fallen short of, the tool immediately sends information to the person in charge – thus helping to avoid problems before they occur.

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The Product

For the early detection of machine changes

Watchdog makes it possible for you to access detailed, process-relevant machine information, thus making any changes apparent in good time.

To achieve this, machines are connected to a range of controllers with the ReadyKit edge device. You can also create rules in Watchdog – either with pre-configured use cases or individually, depending on your requirements. If a rule is violated or a limit value is exceeded, the person in charge is notified of this immediately. This makes it possible to introduce correct steps before the problem can force the machinery to stop.

Thanks to Watchdog, machine information can also be used precisely and efficiently in the other processes, for example by automatically creating a work order if limit values are exceeded.

Thus, with Watchdog, you can create the conditions needed for achieving data-driven decision-making in the future which means being able to implement applications from the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).


an overview


Inform the correct contact person of any system changes immediately – regardless of where they happen to be.

Use Cases

Implement pre-configured and tested use cases for generating your rules.

Individual rules

Create your own rules for monitoring limit values depending on the requirements.

AI preparation

Create the conditions needed for future AI-driven applications.

Seamless integration

Integrate Watchdog in other tools, for example by generating a maintenance order in the Assistance service (if provided).

Process support

Use critical machine information effectively in the entire process.


in detail

Monitoring of machine state

  • Determination and management of rules, configuration of alarms if the rules are violated
  • Individual configuration of rules: signal to be monitored, statistical methods
  • Pre-configured and tested use cases for specific components


  • Overview of the triggered alarms with detailed view
  • Immediate notification of the contact person in charge through the creation of a work order (in Assistance) or by sending a text message


  • Line diagram for transparent insight into the machine data
  • Possibility of data validation and detailed analysis
  • Checking the rule for correctness and deriving further rules
  • Various options for displaying data

Use Case Drive Anomaly Monitoring

  • Individual monitoring of connected servo drives with regard to mechanical malfunctions
  • Detection of asynchronies and anomalies during operation
  • Protection against damage and failure
  • Minimisation of unplanned downtime

Use Case Starwheel Anomaly Monitoring

  • Individual monitoring of connected starwheels with regard to mechanical malfunctions
  • Detection of malfunctions and asynchronies
  • Protection of the machine and the starwheels
  • Minimisation of unplanned downtime


In Summary

  • Can only be used in combination with ReadyKit and Share2Act
  • Stable internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Installation in China and Russia dependent on prior technical inspection
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest browser version and modern hardware recommended
  • Currently available for Krones fillers and blow moulders
  • The configuration is to be carried out by the customer
  • Commissioning takes 3 days for each machine
  • Connectivity to controller (S7 – DB181/DB185) required in one machine network
  • Mobile end devices are not included in the scope of supply and must be provided by the customer
  • Can be combined with the Assistance service: Alarms trigger a maintenance contract

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