Task Management

All tasks at a glance. Efficient management and processing of daily tasks which are related to individual machines or the entire company.


Your Task Management

With Tasks you can simplify the organisation, prioritisation, management and documentation of your tasks and provide them with a transparent structure. In addition to machine-specific activities, all of the work to be performed in a corporation can also be illustrated per customer.

Each employee is given an individual overview of his or her pending tasks. To ensure that all tasks are appropriately assigned, employees and subject matter can be split up into individual areas of responsibility.

Employees can sign in to Tasks at the beginning of a shift and sign out again at the end. Pending tasks are only automatically assigned to those employees who are present.

In combination with the Edge Device ReadyKit, tasks are automatically created based on downtimes and lack of raw materials and supplies.

These tasks are automatically completed as soon as the machine that caused them is running again or the corresponding message has been acknowledged. Consequently, only those interventions are listed in the system that are relevant at the current time.

To solve problems, standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be created and utilised. The same library is used as for the service Assistance (if booked) and the service Connect (if booked).


An Overview


Tasks are automatically completed as soon as the machine is running again or the message has been acknowledged. The Tasks Service thus provides an overview of all interventions relevant at the current time.

Time Saving

Shorten the time span until employees are informed about relevant downtimes. Relevant downtimes are downtimes during which the machine does not restart automatically.

Assistance System

Work with a tool which supports you in managing, structuring and completing your tasks.


Prevent downtimes due to a lack of raw materials, consumables or supplies (e.g. lack of labels).


Enable efficient teamwork by constantly synchronising task statuses and always see who is working on what and who may need support.

Mobile App (iOS)

Let the mobile app inform you about assigned tasks. Work on your tasks independent of your location.


in detail

Task Management 1/2

  • My tasks
  • Responsibilities
  • Indication of the availability of employees
  • References to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and users
  • Manual or automatic user assignment

Task Management 2/2

  • Quick overview through dashboards
  • Use of public APIs
  • Automatic creation and completion of tasks (ReadyKit required)


In Summary

  • Only available in combination with Share2Act platform
  • Stable Internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Technical inspection required for installations in China and Russia
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest browser version and modern hardware recommended
  • For mobile app iOS version 13 or higher is required

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