Edge Device

ReadyKit digitalises filling lines and provides the interface needed for recording and processing standardised machine data. With it, the foundations are laid for line optimisation and the entry to the Industry 4.0 era is achieved.


The Product

Edge computing combined with machine know-how

With ReadyKit, you are acquiring a system for the continuous IT connection of your filling lines which collects raw data from production machines and uses it to create information.

Thanks to our machine and process know-how, the edge device was designed to enable all of your machines to be integrated in a central data transmission system:

  • Both new machines and older models
  • Machines from all manufacturers
  • Machines with no communication interface

ReadyKit also makes it possible to calculate key figures and thus compensate for missing information on the basis of measured and recorded values. The edge device is designed to allow the widest range of data sources to be utilised for the acquisition of raw data.  

Through the secure connection to our device management system, it is possible to fully automatically import updates and patches at any time so that the system can be kept continually up to date. An automated monitoring of the system functions provides an increase in availability and stability. Furthermore, the entire life span of ReadyKit can be managed with the innovative device management system.

The system also makes it possible for you to have complex event processing (condition monitoring), machine learning and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

Visualisation options are not included in the scope of functions provided with ReadyKit. We can offer you additional services with regard to this. You can find out more under “Digitalisation - thinking a step ahead”.


An Overview


Get the option of running a 360° performance overview of your line.


Improve your OEE through more transparency in your filling process and the optimal availability of your lines.

Cost savings

Convert your line with reliability, speed and transparency, thus laying the foundations for your entry into the Industry 4.0 era.


Expand the system at any time to include new machines and thus guarantee transparency in your line.


Get edge computing which is reviewed by regular audits and so keeps the safety level up to date.


Collect data in a standardised manner and thus create the basis for other future requirements, e.g. predictive maintenance.


in detail

Basic functions

  • Connection of up to ten machines in one line with ReadyKit
  • Data acquisition either using sensors or PLCs
  • Device management: Remote maintenance and configuration management
  • Data security
  • Automatic software updates (update over the air)

ReadyKit sensor system

  • Data is collected using sensors, e.g. P.E. sensors
  • No intervention in the machine controller
  • Suitable for existing machines
  • No line network required
  • No need for Weihenstephan/OMAC standards

ReadyKit PLC

  • Data collected via PLC
  • Suitable for both new and existing machines
  • Line network required
  • Weihenstephan/OMAC standards of advantage
  • Access to Siemens and B&R controllers
  • Great depth of information


In Summary

  • Stable internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Installation in China and Russia dependent on prior technical inspection
  • It is not possible to combine the “PLC” and “sensor” variants within one line
  • Machine network (for PLC connection)

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