Production planning and control system

Plan production flexibly and optimally: to boost productivity in a plant while at the same time cutting costs, the Planning software plans and creates all production orders. This enables it to identify possible problems at an early stage and intervene before they have a negative impact on production, allowing the goods to reach the customer just in time.

Cross-plant data streams for production planning in the beverage and liquid food industry

The product

Your digital production planning wizard

Frequent adjustments of the production plan, lots of little jobs with the corresponding diversity of products and unstable material flows – you will be familiar with all the challenges in your everyday production that can lead to considerable losses in efficiency. Only if you can optimise the costs of your production orders can you improve operational management – particularly where plants have

  • frequent changes of order
  • a wide product range or small batches
  • short delivery times
  • a high degree of capacity utilisation



  • All planning-related information brought together into a single system
  • End-to-end planning of material and resources from procurement to delivery
  • Assured data consistency, both in time and in content
  • Active advice on how to optimise your production planning


An overview


Planning always puts the right material at the right place at the right time – for supplies to your customers and for planned production.

Cost Savings

Planning ensures that your stock levels are optimised, setup and cleaning times are shortened and less product is lost.

Risk Avoidance

Integrated and predictive planning helps you avoid possible problems – such as occupied tanks or lines – even before they arise.


The program can be expanded, which means you can include additional production areas and functions in stages, avoiding unnecessary investment.

Increase in productivity

Thanks to the holistic planning approach, our software plans all production stages from procurement to goods issue, covering the entire horizontal supply chain.


The tool supplies a tailored and cost-optimised production plan with all planning rules, allowing you to retrieve all current information on the central planning control station at any time.


In detail

Master Planning 1/2

  • Planning of delivery quantities as an integrated function or from an existing system via an interface
  • Scalable planning period
  • Rough planning on a monthly or yearly basis, taking seasonal fluctuations into account

Master Planning 2/2

  • Precision planning on a weekly basis
  • Regular comparison of plan and current situation in the plant
  • Historic supply volumes, stock turnover in days and expected supply volumes at a glance

Order Creation and Sequence Planning

  • Automatic order planning
  • Automatic calculation of tank and line occupancy and availability
  • Automatic calculation of the materials requested
  • Optimisation and prioritisation of the order sequence
  • Calculation of the workforce requirements


  • Automatic updating of the planning-related data from existing systems such as ERP, logistics, MES, production control and maintenance
  • Planned production orders forwarded for instance to the shop floor, ERP or logistics system via interface

Control Cockpit 1/2

  • Consistent calculation of material and resource requirements and availability
  • Information visualised with colour coding
  • Manual changes to the plan possible at any time

Control Cockpit 2/2

  • Central, flexible, user-friendly control cockpit with visual processing of the current situation
  • Possible violations of residual times signalled as early as possible for both finished goods and processing and operating materials
  • Fully automated planning mode enables the plan to be updated even outside office hours

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