Visualisation of key performance indicators

Performance visualises the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) of machines and lines, thus providing the basis for a continual improvement process.

Data streams and data nets surround bar chart

The Product

Transparency in the entire line

Performance provides you with a live overview of the current state of your machine and also visualises the most important KPIs of your production process. Thus, you can find out exactly which areas have the untapped potential to continue increasing your line productivity. Performance is split up into two views:

Live visualisation

  • Real-time display of the connected machines
  • Transmission of status information such as production, failure or external stop
  • Overview of the produced units  

Machine overview

  • Visualisation of the most important KPIs (shift-based calculation)
  • Cumulated display of losses in a waterfall diagram
  • Display of downtime classifications during the shift


An Overview

Increase in OEE

Create the basis for increasing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Time savings

Optimise your time requirements thanks to the fast and comprehensive processing of all data.


Benefit from a clear representation of KPIs and live data.

Global availability

Use Performance 24/7 – regardless of your location and selected end device.


in detail

Live visualisation

  • Schematic overview of your line
  • Machine status incl. downtime counter
  • Gantt diagram (temporal illustration of status information of the lead machine)
  • Speed diagram (based on the lead machine)
  • Produced units

Machine report 1/3

  • Section: KPIs
  • Representation per connected view and shift
  • Up to eight KPIs can be illustrated, e.g.: OEE, produced units, malfunctions, brief stops, speed losses

Machine report 2/3

  • Section: five greatest losses
  • Chronological representation
  • Based on the selected shift
  • Display of classified downtimes, due to failures and external stops for example

Machine report 3/3

  • Section: losses
  • Representation per connected machine
  • Visualisation using a waterfall diagram
  • Content e.g.: Reduction of production time, failures, external stops, planned downtimes and type change-over, reduction of shift duration


In Summary

  • Can only be used in combination with the Share2Act platform
  • Stable internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Installation in China and Russia dependent on prior technical inspection
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest browser version and modern hardware recommended
  • Basis and prerequisite for the Performance service: machine and/or line connection with ReadyKit:
    • Variant 1: data recall via PLC
    • Variant 2: data recall via sensors (Incidents service also required before standstills can be classified)
  • The actual number and selection of KPIs acquired from a technical inspection is dependent on the possible data collected and the data quality: Any orders placed must be accompanied by a detailed analysis of the possibilities and joint definition of the KPIs

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