Manufacturing Intelligence

Business Intelligence System

Manufacturing Intelligence makes data and information of all the IT solutions of a company available right across the operational areas and beyond the limits of the individual IT systems. This means that a Laboratory Information Management System or a Warehouse Management System can be integrated, for instance. Our software also offers the possibility of facilitating the exchange of information on KPIs available across the company. The analyses obtained from them are tailored precisely to the particular requirement, delivered in a clear format and held ready for retrieval at any time.

Cross-system and cross-location data streams over a factory in the beverage and liquid food industry

The product

Exploit the full potential of your line

Entering data manually is a time-consuming process that makes it difficult to run analyses over a long period of time – especially if these data have system-wide validity and cover multiple lines and locations. Such comprehensive analyses are also complex, expensive and heavily restricted. Nevertheless, if you are to be able to react quickly to changes in production and process conditions and take the right operational decisions, it is important to exploit the potential of product information correctly.

Manufacturing Intelligence enables you to

  • record and link data automatically across systems.
  • create situation-specific reports independently.
  • deliver repeatable and shareable analysis results.
  • run long-term analyses for tendencies and trends.
  • obtain information on current or historic production.
  • react early to changes in production and process conditions.
  • reach decisions on current or upcoming production more easily.



  • Self-service reporting
  • Short processing times for real-time intervention in current production
  • Low costs for reporting alongside high flexibility
  • Ability to consolidate data: Single Point of Truth


An Overview


Manufacturing Intelligence gives you a comprehensive view of cross-plant reports and analyses as well as all relevant KPIs.


The tool creates standard and specific reports flexibly and at low cost, enabling you to identify optimisation potential, run long-term analyses and evaluate process situations.


Our solution processes data not only of Krones lines, but also those of other manufacturers. You can also link it with existing BI systems.


You can automate the compilation and linking of the data for cross-system enquiries, allowing analysis results to be repeated, shared and integrated across the board.


Short processing cycles make it easy for you to intervene in current or upcoming production if required. You can also create and edit individualised reports independently.


Since your business data are mapped directly in Manufacturing Intelligence, you can evaluate process situations ideally and respond to ad hoc questions quickly.


In detail

Data Warehouse 1/2

  • Compiles data from a variety of sources
  • Consolidates the wide, varied and often complex range of data (Single Point of Truth)
  • Retains data and information for long-term availability

Data Warehouse 2/2

  • Automatically establishes technical references between the data
  • Ensures optimised, high-performance data storage by means of cubes
  • Enables role and permission-specific access

Self-Service Reporting

  • Allows your specialists to create and modify reports independently
  • Creates content based on the expertise of users by means of predefined cubes
  • Supplies up-to-date reports because the parameters can be modified and expanded as required

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