Line Diagnostics

Production data acquisition and analysis

Monitoring lines in real time, analysing historical data and deriving potential for optimisation: Line Diagnostics acquires all data relevant for quality, costs and output of systems, lines, machines and utilities, and summarises the results in clear and straightforward dashboards and reports. Weak points and bottlenecks in the line are visualised at a glance and can be optimised systematically.

Data streams at the fillers in the filling and packaging area

The product

Diagnostics for your filling line

Your filling line is to operate optimally and to produce final products of perfect quality? Transparency is the keyword for your production process. In order to immediately react to a line downtime, it is important to identify the affected machine and the cause of the failure as quickly as possible. Only if you can see the current status of production with regard to the target of the day and/or shift at a glance, you are able to early derive potential for optimisation and maintenance activities.

Line Diagnostics is the ideal tool for this task. Our software is able to

  • carry out complete analyses of filling and packaging processes.
  • identify weak points and bottlenecks at a glance.
  • decide on targeted improvements.
  • analyse operational processes and optimise them for the long term.



  • Automatic detection of causes and originators for downtimes
  • Maximum scope of information for Krones machines
  • Connection of any thirdparty machine via standardised interfaces
  • More than 2,000 successful installations all over the world


An Overview


Line Diagnostics records and logs all of the necessary status and process data of your production line.


The system translates a large amount of complex information about your line into informative key figures and enables well-founded forecasts to be developed.


It quickly provides you with recallable key figures to allow different time periods, processes and teams to be compared with regard to efficiency, consumption and adherence to agreed deadlines.


The acquired data can be used to systematically reveal weak points in the line and initiate countermeasures early on.


The tool has a self-explanatory structure and provides both role and context-based information. Available data of the line are web-based and can be called on any end device.

Cost Savings

Cost drivers for production downtimes are identified and continuously reduced. Media consumptions can be reduced.


In detail

Data acquisition 1/2

  • Data are centrally acquired and prepared:
  • Process and production data
  • Consumption and malfunction data
  • Energy and media data
  • Key figures

Data acquisition 2/2

  • Prepared data are available online and in a database
  • Values and events are written back to the field level, either automatically or on request
  • Basis for all other modules of Line Diagnostics

Analysis Board

  • Enables a detailed data analysis
  • Sources and causes for the current situation can be derived
  • Different process and status data are compared graphically
  • Provides information about downtimes and the respective causes


  • Provides comprehensive reports based on defined analysis paths
  • Enables a standardised and comparable evaluation of production situations throughout defined periods of time
  • Reports are web-based and can be called on each end device within the production and/or company network

Downtime Management

  • Downtime and efficiency analysis based on OEE
  • Undetected causes for downtime can be classified directly or manually afterwards
  • Production bottlenecks are determined and identified
  • Important key figures are available with only a few mouse clicks

Line Monitor

  • Real-time monitor with status information about the machines
  • Occurring events can be localised
  • Provides a graphic overview to simplify the interrelations
  • Enables the cross-line representation of machine statuses and key figures


  • Illustration of process values in the form of graphic trends
  • Selected process values and key performance figures can be consistently analysed and reproduced on the basis of the raw data
  • Comparison of set-point and actual values, violation of limit values, trend curves, deviations and peaks are depicted

Order Management

  • Simple order management and order related analysis
  • Based on manually created and started orders on the main machine of the line
  • Retrograde calculation of actual consumptions

Motivational Display

  • Real-time status, key figures and trends are displayed on large-format screens
  • Information and transparency based on plain overviews and aggregate key figures
  • Freely configurable, changing displays for comprehensive information
  • Enables calling customer's HTML5 screens

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