Laboratory Management

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Assure quality continuously: Laboratory Management records all quality-related information in a factory. The program analyses information on goods received, manufacturing and filling through to goods issue in real time. That means the exact quality status of the products is available at any time, allowing immediate intervention even for the smallest deviation.

Data streams and women in the laboratory with alder flasks for high product safety in the beverage and liquid food industry

The product

No compromises when it comes to quality

Continuous quality assurance is essential for efficient processes. To put this to the test, you will be confronted with legal demands, quality requirements and duties to keep records. And that’s precisely where Laboratory Management comes into play. The tool provides you with quality-related data quickly, transparently and verifiably, allowing you to respond to quality deviations at an early stage and ensuring you are also optimally prepared in the event of an audit.

Laboratory Management at a glance:

  • Records, manages and archives laboratory data.
  • Complies with legal requirements.
  • Ensures traceability.
  • Enables recommendations to be passed on directly to production.



  • Optimal for the production of beer, milk, syrup and soft drinks
  • High product safety and continuously verifiable quality
  • Fermenting process displayed as a special module for breweries


An Overview


Any quality deviations are reliably detected, enabling you to react in good time.


The tool ensures a consistently high level of product safety alongside verifiable quality, meaning you always know the exact quality status of your products at all times.

Quality assurance

Laboratory Management supports you in defining and taking measures that are required in order to meet the highest quality standards during production.


All the data required for quality assurance purposes can be documented seamlessly. Computer-aided workflow logging enables you to plan all sampling activities in detail.


For even more accuracy, your laboratory measuring equipment can also be integrated into the system automatically.

Time savings

Since measurement results are imported automatically, there is no need to enter and update the laboratory results manually.


In detail


  • Contains deviation and results logs
  • Supplies reports for the documentation of sample-specific deviations and results
  • All reports are integrated and can be retrieved on any Laboratory Management client

Management 1/2

  • Manages devices, materials, samples and limit values
  • Updates test and inspection plans, scopes and frequencies in customer-specific structures

Management 2/2

  • Individual limit values are defined on the basis of legal and customer-specific requirements
  • Manages individual access rights

Data Import

  • Imports data directly from analysis instruments
  • Relieves the user of having to enter data manually
  • Inputting errors are reduced
  • Automatic data acquisition reduces the time required


  • Enables samples to be recorded and assessed based on limit values
  • Creates samples and analyses and documents the test results
  • Filters samples and test results within the work lists
  • Ensures the documented repetition of samples


  • Batches are released or blocked depending on the sample and quality status
  • If limit values are exceeded, the causes are identified and countermeasures are defined

Barcode Handling

  • Makes sample codes available in digital form for recording by scanner
  • Enables barcodes to be generated automatically
  • Includes the option of printing locally
  • Allows samples to be identified and further processes to be initiated


  • Documents and evaluates analysis results at test plan level
  • Enables a speedy response by highlighting violations of limit values in graphic form
  • Supplies a results history with change history and research options

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