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Our security team specialises in the complex area of IT security. Whether technology, processes or people, our experts offer an all-round service in the three main aspects of this area. We do so by combining our experience and our knowledge of IT and production technology – and always, of course, applying innovative methods. Our DIQURITY Services will rapidly bring clarity about the status of your production lines – right through to permanent security monitoring (SOC).

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Our Service

All-round protection for your production

One of the results of digitalisation is the sharp increase in the networking of systems. Yet that can create security gaps for your company – because often new systems are implemented with no consideration of holistic aspects. We are always aware of these challenges and will accompany you on the road to the world of digitalisation. That's because we not only keep an eye on the networking itself, but also establish

  • a risk inventory about your production environment.
  • a way to implement security measures realistically.
  • a proposal whether it makes sense to certify your plant to ISO 27001 or IEC 62443 requirements.

We offer:

  • Individual consulting tailored to your needs in
    • technology (strategy, network segmentation, malware detection etc.)
    • processes (ISO 27001, IEC 62443 etc.)
    • humans (awareness campaigns, training etc.)
  • Professional services as part of our DIQURITY products
    • Modular packages each with their own defined scope of services, from the overview of the security status of your production line to the permanent monitoring of your production network
    • Clarity about the status of your production line – through one-off inventorisation or permanent monitoring
    • Defined service level agreements and dedicated contacts


An Overview

Best practice

The many projects we have handled mean we are familiar with the problems and requirements you face, helping you avoid going down dead ends in planning and realisation.


You will get fast, meaningful results – thanks to many years of experience in the processing industry and in the planning and operation of IT systems.

A one-stop solution

We don’t just make good suggestions, we also turn them into reality, which means you have just a single point of contact for analysis and realisation.

On-site assistance

You benefit from expert support right where you are – thanks to our global network of experienced professionals.


You start agilely with small packages and big benefits and then simply expand these together with us in further project phases.


You get defined and reproducible services with a clear outcome.


in detail

DIQURITY Maturity Assessment

  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis and assessment of the status quo
  • Consideration of humans, organisation and technology
  • Recommended actions and strategic roadmap

DIQURITY Network Analysis

  • Analysis and assessment of the network architecture
  • Tracking down undocumented communication participants
  • Creating transparency about assets and communication relations
  • Determining anomalies and vulnerabilities
  • Specific recommended actions

DIQURITY Security Monitoring (SOC)

  • Permanent monitoring
  • Detection of anomalies and alarm
  • Defined processes for responding to security incidents
  • Demand-driven service level agreements (SLA)

Best Practice

  • ISO 27001
  • IEC 62443
  • ITIL
  • Agile project management

Consulting at all levels

  • Business management and strategy
  • Information security management system and processes
  • IT architecture
  • Technology and control

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