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A vision of the future: optimising your production process with the aid of artificial intelligence. Expanding production to include digital solutions has enormous potential. However the necessary conditions are often missing, such as suitable processes or a valid data base. Our highly qualified team of data scientists and AI specialists can help you fill this gap: with the aid of machine learning projects and targeted consulting, they will provide specific solutions for your particular challenges.

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Our Service

Getting more from your data

Our data scientists start right there where important basics are lacking - for example by

  • making missing data available or making it possible to access previously unused data.
  • creating a standardised data base.

The procedure: our experts build upon the results from the Share2Act services such as ReadyKit, Incidents and Watchdog, and support you in collecting, processing and evaluating your production data. The team works in accordance with the so-called CRISP-DM model, a standard process for data mining developed by the EU which is suitable for use across all industry segments. Concrete questions are defined to evaluate data for feasibility in iterative loops and a practical model is then developed. The advantage is that the focus is on practicality in the business environment and therefore better results which meet your company’s requirements can be achieved.

Practically speaking, our data science experts support you in

  • finding solutions for your particular challenges using consulting projects, e.g. anomaly detection, time-series analyses.
  • procuring data-driven added benefits, e.g. analyses regarding the amount of wear on specific machine components, sales prognoses or the improvement of processes.

When required or if you have specific questions, you will receive support from the right expert out of the entire Krones Group network.


An overview

Understan­ding the problem

Work together with a team that has the experience to know what problems may arise in production and which data is required to predict their occurrence through algorithms.

Methodo­logical expertise

Utilise our great methodological expertise in machine learning, the use of analytic solutions in production, the selection of the correct algorithms and the handling of agile projects.

Industry expertise

Benefit from our data scientists’ depth of knowledge of the industry’s specific challenges as well as the production data to be observed.

Standardised data base

Create a basis for utilising your data lucratively.


in detail


  • AI specialists
  • Mathematicians, statisticians
  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers

Focal Points

  • Challenges from the beverage industry
  • Collaboration with customers regarding specific problems in their company
  • Expansion of products to include data-driven added values through condition monitoring or artificial intelligence


  • Product division experts for machine and process comprehension
  • University of Regensburg, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab


  • From the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Project: Data driven process optimisation using machine learning in the beverage industry (DaPro)

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