Information and communication service

As a central information and communication hub, Connect takes on a key role in production. This service networks all of the people and machines along the supply chain and thus creates the foundation for short communication paths and more efficient sequences.

Data streams connected through bright junctions.

The Product

The hub for your production

With Connect, you will always have an eye on all of your production resources: The central information and communication hub comprises all of the fundamental information of the production units (e.g. machines, lines or even entire plants). It is also possible to have important information from other services displayed. To always remain up to date, users can subscribe to units and thus have all of the information displayed in their own logbook.

Connect even provides support over plant and country borders when working in teams. Contents such as text messages, pictures, videos or files can be uploaded by the users and shared with colleagues. Thus, tasks and problems can be solved together and a library of standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be created, which can also display the SOPs generated in the service Assistance (if booked).


An Overview

Digital twin

Create a digital image of your production line which includes both your equipment and important activities and sequences.

Own content

Benefit from your employees’ knowledge by allowing them to create, exchange and circulate their own content.


Integrate all machines and IT systems included in your production process, regardless of the manufacturer.

Global collaboration

Connect your employees even across various plants and thus establish a basis for a functional, global collaboration.

Central hub

Centralise information from the different Share2Act services and create a contact point for production-related correspondence among your employees.


Work with a tool which is quickly configurable and intuitive to use.


in detail

Central Hub

  • Collection of information in a personal logbook (subscription of production units)
  • Display of information from other services
  • Generating of QR codes to connect machines and SOPs


  • Creation of a standard operating procedures library
  • Posting of text messages, pictures, videos or files
  • Collaboration via comments function


In Summary

  • Can only be used in combination with the Share2Act platform
  • Stable internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Installation in China and Russia dependent on prior technical inspection
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest browser version and modern hardware recommended

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