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The Business Consulting team supports and advises beverage and liquid food producers on the path to the digital future. Our team of experts covers all the technical and technological aspects of a plant, offering objective advice along the entire supply chain. That means we can both optimise processes through our short, medium and long-term analyses, but also offer concrete recommendations for action.

Consulting team Business Consulting in the beverage and liquid-food industry

Our service

Advice along your entire supply chain

With the Business Consulting experts from SYSKRON by your side, you will make the jump to the Smart Factory – while at the same time boosting the efficiency and productivity of your plant. That's because we will help you transition either parts of your supply chain or entire lines to the digital factory. Our key to success? Optimising processes, from supplying the line with processing and operating materials to organising yard management. We’ll also liaise with you to draw up a valid roadmap tailored precisely to your requirements. And we’ll support you in the introduction of new strategies and the creation of specifications and requirements definitions.

The Business Consulting team at SYSKRON

  • designs a uniform system landscape without island solutions.
  • insists on lean, automated processes.
  • supplies an in-depth assessment of the action areas before planned investment.
  • boasts detailed technical knowledge of the complex processes in beverage and liquid food production.
  • provides support both for existing plants and for greenfield projects.


An Overview


We take an objective look from outside and use our considerable industry expertise to help you arrive at an understanding of yourself and your position in a competitive field.

Decision-making capability

We develop alternative scenarios for your supply chain, adding the corresponding return-on-investment considerations into the mix for reaching decisions.

Target achievement

The solutions that we develop for you are effective and can be implemented in the industry.

Quick wins

Through dialogue with you, we identify potential that can be achieved in the short term.

Long-term partnership

We will accompany you all the way from strategy development through the roadmap to implementation, while always keeping the focus on your corporate development and your corporate goals.


With us, you’ll get to your goal quicker: our industry expertise enables us to offer short cycles when it comes to consulting and implementing your project – without a long familiarisation period.


In detail

Production site analysis

  • Status in regards of added value and digitalisation
  • Assessment based on a multi-layered self-image and our observations from outside
  • Highlighting of strengths and potential
  • Identification of action areas

Recommendation for action

  • Analysis of the current situation of your business
  • Definition of targets
  • Development of solution scenarios
  • Consideration of the return on investment

Master Plan

  • Development and prioritisation of a roadmap
  • Creation of process and functional descriptions, specifications, etc.
  • Definition of your future process, functional and system landscape

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