Botec F1

Process Control System (PCS)

Manage batch processes optimally: Botec monitors and controls all steps of batch production for breweries, syrup rooms and dairies. This enables the system to meet the requirements for a reproducible manufacturing result – while at the same time assisting the operator in manual operations.

Data streams at valve clusters in beverage production

The product

Complex sequences easily automated

Would you like to simplify your production in order to meet your high quality standards? Do you want your employees – whatever their level of experience and knowledge – to enjoy the very best support for the remaining manual operations as well? And all while keeping the efficient use of equipment, raw materials and energy at the top of your priority list? Then Botec is the right choice. That's because our solution enables you to

  • plan, control, monitor, document and analyse production processes.
  • create and manage recipes.
  • plan, manage and process orders.
  • seamlessly trace back product batches with the tracking and tracing function.
  • exchange information between the production and planning level via the ERP interface.



  • Safe, routine operation
    • both while production continues
    • and during major conversion work on a line
  • No pause in production and no risk to product stability
  • Very flexible, intuitive and user-oriented system
  • Get where you want in three clicks


An overview


The system can be expanded step by step and grows along with your line. With Botec, you have a choice of four different visualisation systems.

Cost savings

Better utilisation of your equipment, lower energy consumption and resource-efficient production optimise your manufacturing process.


Botec helps you gain valuable information for boosting the efficiency of your line.

Quality Assurance

Automation enables you to stabilise your processes and ensure a high level of quality for your products.


The system is based on the international standards for batch controls, ANSI/ISA-88 and ANSI/ISA-95. We offer simple updates for the hardware and software of your legacy systems.


Botec brings a clear structure into your processes and offers an attractively coherent control concept. Master recipes can be transferred 1:1 to another line.


In detail

Botec Control 1/2

  • Alarm management
  • Overview of operating hours and switching cycles
  • Sequence visualisation
  • Library of control modules
  • PLC overview and fieldbus diagnostics

Botec Control 2/2

  • Optional: Botec Dynaroute: route manager and route control
  • Optional: Botec DynaScan: tank monitoring

Botec Batch

  • Batch-oriented process sequences
  • Recipe management
  • Order management
  • Material validation
  • Batch tracking
  • Batch and CIP logs

Botec Visu

  • Overview of the entire line
  • Overview of line components
  • Trend view
  • Unit control bar
  • Engineering templates
  • Optional: Botec Videomode: historical process diagnostics

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