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Automation solutions for intralogistics

State-of-the-art intralogistics is more than just the complete automation of the warehouse – it’s also a scalable, decentralised system architecture developed using the very latest engineering approaches. The SCADA system will ensure you can keep an eye on everything.

Data streams in intralogistics in the beverage and liquid food industry

The product


Our automation solutions are based on a modular system that reduces complexity and hence creates considerable efficiency benefits. This in turn enables rapid commissioning and scalable expansions.  

Benefits to you: maximum spare parts security, quality and reliability. That’s firstly because our team comprises experts with many years of experience in intralogistics. Secondly, we use the very latest software and hardware from leading manufacturers.


The SCADA system for system visualisation and control displays entire warehouses in two dimensions, giving you an overview of your intralogistics. It scores particularly highly because it is simple and user-friendly to operate: presentation on mobile devices means it can be used regardless of location, while the multi-touch navigation ensures intuitive, straightforward handling. With the SCADA system, you can always keep a close eye on your system – and control it directly.

  • The detailed, two-dimensional representation of your system makes orientation ridiculously easy.
  • The zoom factor and level of detail can be selected freely and extend from the status of the complete line to a sensor level view. Multi-touch navigation enables intuitive, straightforward operation.
  • In addition to a control station, the system can be accessed from anywhere on the production site using tablets.
  • The entire system can also be reached by remote service.



  • The very latest development tools, e.g. Siemens TIA-Portal, EPLAN P8

  • High-quality system components, e.g. controller: Siemens S7-1500 F series, drive technology: Lenze/SEW, fieldbus: Profinet/ASI

  • Detailed 2D representation of the system down to sensor level

  • Access by web browser and operation via tablets in the field


An Overview

Quality Assurance

A high degree of standardised software modules minimises the potential for errors during commissioning.


The very latest engineering and modern, high-quality components ensure the greatest possible future security.


The modular components not only reduce the complexity of the system, but also give you the option of expanding it at any time.


Modern, regulated drive technology with a DC link as well as needs-based dimensioning of the drives and regenerative units make the systems particularly energy efficient.


The software can be accessed easily via web browser from anywhere in the production facility using a tablet.

Time savings

Get service by remote the direct way – expert support when you need it.


in detail


  • Visualisation of the complete line
  • Alarm display
  • Alarm history
  • Easy user administration
  • Activity logging
  • Various operating modes

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