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Description of the terms Digital Excellence (DigEx) & Operational Excellence (OpEx). Background: Filling line with blue and green duotone layers and icons

Is my company fit for the future?

Operational Excellence & Digital Excellence
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Speakers in front of an audience

Technological Innovation in AI

8th Bavarian Innovation Congress
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Blue padlock in front of blue background

Cyber Security

The way to a secure factory
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Man operates monitor at Brew Center Freising

Intelligent decision support

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SYSKRON Logo and SedApta Logo, blue background with data streams

Strategic partnership between SYSKRON and sedApta

Holistic digitalisation solutions along the supply chain
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Right hand on laptop keyboard. Transparent globe and various icons as well as data streams across the entire image.

IIoT platform

Your path to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
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