With passion and perseverance

to the teamlead at SYSKRON

Melanie has completed the training programme Profile 21 at Krones and is now team leader at SYSKRON. She is convinced: being passionate and having punch are the only things women need to succeed in the Krones Group.

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From trainee

to Teamlead

After graduating from school, Melanie, who from an early age had a knack and an interest in technology, decided in favour of the Profil 21 training model at Krones. This enabled her to complete an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician and, at the same time, to qualify as a master craftsman in mechatronics - all within just four years. But the decisive point for her was that she then went on to work in the worldwide field service for Krones AG. "Being on the spot for Krones around the world and at the clients' premises - that was exactly what I wanted to do and what I did", she says, "No day was like the other. From China to Mongolia to America - we travelled everywhere. Always with new colleagues and new challenges. During this time Melanie was able to acquire a lot of machine and process knowledge, which benefits her today as a team leader at SYSKRON. What distinguishes her job at SYSKRON from her job at Krones: she no longer programmes at the machines at the clients' premises, but from her office in Maximilianstrasse. When the team in Regensburg's city centre presses the deploy button here after the job is done, all customers worldwide receive the new software version with the latest functions.

In her current job, Melanie especially appreciates the project work and the teamwork, which is very important at SYSKRON. Her team consists of a Dedicated Owner, three Operations Managers and several software developers, who all work together every day to achieve the same goal: making work easier for external and internal customers like Krones. Their team develops our Share2Act cloud service performance. What makes Melanie's team so special, in her opinion, is the fact that they all think outside the box. "Everyone does what they do best and never loses sight of the big picture. That's why it's just fun to work like this and to make a step forward together every day. I'm actually just setting the direction and making sure that we as a team are heading in the right direction.


at the Krones Group

Melanie is glad she made the decision twelve years ago to join the Krones family, and to have been given equal opportunities as a woman in engineering. "My experience has shown me that within the Krones family, which includes my colleagues, the managers, but also the clients, there is no difference between women and men. Certainly, nothing is given to you as a woman, but that's not the way it's meant to be. A fair chance to prove yourself, that's all it takes in the first step. I have always and no matter where in the world I have made great experiences. When it comes to professionalism, only one thing counts: passion and perseverance."

At SYSKRON we have a colourful team where only the inner values and abilities count and where even dogs get the chance to prove themselves and to rise up to Feel-Good-Manager ;) If you want to learn more about working at SYSKRON, you can watch the interviews here.