TINE dairy puts its trust in Botec

SYSKRON digitalisation solution in Bergen, Norway

TINE SA is Norway's largest dairy cooperative with around 10,000 farmers and 5,600 employees. In 2017, TINE's existing dairy plant in Bergen was bursting at the seams. So the company decided to build a new plant for the production of fresh milk, cream and fruit juices.

Staff in front of the control room screens


In September 2017, Krones was awarded the contract to plan and deliver all of the process technology and supported the construction of a modern, energy-efficient dairy in Bergen.


  • Botec F1 process control system had to be completely integrated into TINE's existing IT environment
  • Seamless interfaces had to be established to TINE's existing IT systems




  • Employ the latest Siemens S7-1500 controls with TIA portal
  • Implement Botec F1 process control system in TINE's virtual environment (Microsoft Hyper-V)
  • Connect field devices and valves to PLCs:
    • Connect field devices via Profinet
    • Equip valves with Smart Top Unit
    • Top Units communicate with PLCs via ASi Bus
  • Maintain high standards of hygienic design:
    • Design local control cabinets according to EHEDG

"One of the reasons we chose Krones is that they are a large group with a lot of experience. Even the bid they submitted was almost exactly what we had imagined from a technical perspective, and we had many good, valuable conversations during the clarification phase. We always felt good about it and consistently felt that we had made the right choice."

Mårten Haukjem, Head of the Dairy in Bergen



1. Automation scope

  • Botec F1 to control the entire production process, including milk reception, CIP processes and energy supply
  • All valves fully connected via ASi Bus
  • Complete integration of energy supply units:
    • water treatment including ultra-filtration, compressed air supply, cooling system and heat pumps
  • PLC frame with the latest generation of Siemens S7-1500 controls
  • Batch handling including visualisation and connection to customer's MES components

2. Botec F1 Features

  • Bidirectional Tracking & Tracing
  • Remote maintenance via VPN
  • Compatible with Siemens SPS S7-1500 controls and Profinet
  • Alarms from Botec are transferred to TINE's SMS system
  • Order handling module:
    • Production orders can be generated either directly in Botec or in TINE's ERP system and then transferred to Botec
  • Language can be switched between Norwegian and English

3. Data interface for TINE's IT systems

  • Process status and alarms for “raw materials“ are integrated into Botec
  • Botec's IFace interface delivers information to TINE's integration platform (LIMS, BI and Asset Management)
  • A data interface connects to TINE's production data acquisition system



  • Experienced team of experts
  • Long-time specialisation in and commitment to the beverage and liquid food industry
  • A single IT system platform for the entire plant
  • Smooth execution of the project
  • Full integration in the customer's existing IT environment
  • Tailored solution with batch processing


  • State-of-the-art software solution
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Energy efficient production
  • Integrated sub-ordinated controls for power supply
  • Seamless management of highly complex processes
Company building TINE Meierier Bergen


Logo of the TINE company

TINE SA is Norway's largest dairy cooperative with around 10,000 farmers and 5,600 employees. TINE produces more than 1,200 different dairy products at 32 dairies across Norway. The plant is dimensioned to process an average of 300,000 liters of milk a day. The plant also features digitalisation solutions from SYSKRON.


TINE Norske Meierier SA, Norway




Norway's largest dairy group

Products: Tinemelk (milk) I Jarlsberg (cheese)I Snøfrisk (goat cheese)I Diplom-Is (ice cream)


Oslo, Norway