Technological Innovation in AI

8th Bavarian Innovation Congress

Keynote by SYSKRON, Krones, TIKI aund System Logistics GmbH: Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering and Intralogistics: Challenges and Best Practices.

Speakers in front of an audience

The congress

at a glance

The IT logistics cluster, Regensburg e-mobility cluster, Digital Gründerinitiative Oberpfalz (DGO) and R-Tech GmbH invited to the 8th Bavarian Innovation Congress at Techbase in Regensburg. The interactive event was themed "Technological Innovation in Artificial Intelligence," and attracted not only companies that deal with artificial intelligence, but also cluster members, members of the DGO community, and especially students and graduates. This year's congress focused on technological innovations in artificial intelligence from the perspective of application domains such as e-mobility, autonomous driving, IT logistics, mechatronics and IT security. These were reflected in a wide-ranging framework program - which offered keynotes, workshops, founder pitches and a company visit - as well as an accompanying exhibition.

The Keynote

in detail

As a member of DGO, we are very pleased that we were part of the opening keynote. SYSKRON data scientist and doctoral candidate Andrea Spichtinger participated in the joint keynote "Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering and Intralogistics: Challenges and Best Practices" together with Dr. Patrick Glauner, Innovation Manager for Artificial Intelligence Krones AG; Dr. Michael Colombo, Head of Strategy and Innovation TIKI Technologisches Institut für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH and Bernhard Reitberger, future Managing Director of System Logistics GmbH, which is in the course of formation. The joint speech focused on the general use of AI within the Krones world, both in predictive maintenance and in the logistics industry.

Under the title "Use of AI in Mechanical Engineering and Intralogistics: Challenges and Best Practices", the experts talked about the general use of artificial intelligence in the 'Krones world' - both in predictive maintenance and logistics.
In a short Deep dive, Andrea Spichtinger discussed the pre-requisites and thus the main issues of artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance in the beverage and liquid food industry. In particular, the lack of data on error cases poses a great challenge to the data scientists. She explained how SYSKRON specifically masters the step to predictive maintenance via anomaly detection and then gave a brief insight into current projects, such as the evaluation of stretching rods and engine data.
The 30-minute presentation was very well attended. Around 200 interested people followed the speech, which was enriched by practical examples by the experts of the Krones Group.