Strategic partnership between SYSKRON and sedApta

Holistic digitalisation solutions along the supply chain

Syskron GmbH, a member of the Krones Group, is entering a strategic partnership with sedApta concept GmbH Deutschland, which is part of the sedApta Group. This is to enable the company to serve its customers in the beverage and liquid food sector with even more comprehensive products in terms of holistic solutions in the field of digitalisation along the entire supply chain.

SYSKRON Logo and SedApta Logo, background data streams

Since January 2019, the key2make software solution from sedApta concept has been permanently integrated in the SYSKRON suite of solutions within the framework of a long-term partnership. key2make is a comprehensive planning and scheduling system for the beverage and liquid food industry and for discrete production.

The system has already been installed with two SYSKRON customers in Germany and China, and another project is currently at the implementation stage in Germany.



“Thanks to this agreement we are in a position for further growth in the German market and are achieving significant synergies for our solutions along with additional operative potential.”

Giorgio Cuttica, Executive Board Chairman of the sedApta Group

Picture of Giorgio Cuttica, CEO of the sedApta Group
Picture of Thomas Bernard, Geschäftsführer der Syskron GmbH


 “We are delighted that we have been able to intensify our working relationship together with this agreement. We combine the expertise and the products of sedApta in the field of production and operational planning with our expertise in the field of vertical integration in the beverage and liquid food market. This enables us to offer our customers unique added value and a key component in the development of the sustainable digital factory concepts of the future.”

Thomas Bernard, Managing Director of Syskron GmbH