Simonds Farsons brewery counts on Botec F1

Digitalisation solution in Malta

Simonds Farsons was founded in 1928 and is Malta’s biggest beverage producer today. In 2004, the island state joined the EU which fundamentally changed its economic system and also affected the beverage industry. The market for beverages was liberalised with the result that the previously established returnable glass bottle concept was almost completely replaced by the use of PET bottles and cans. Simonds Farsons was prepared for this transition and ready to take on the open market challenge. This was achieved by implementing a very ambitious investment plan for both Farsons’ machines and equipment as well as its beer and soft drink brands. Botec F1, the process control system by SYSKRON, is part of it as well.

Can in the sand


A brownfield solution for Simonds Farsons: Since 2012, the brewery has been using SYSKRON’S process control system SitePilot Botec F1 in their brewhouse. Now it was time for an upgrade in their cellar. All initially installed controllers, supplied by a third party at the time, had to be replaced as spare parts were no longer available in the market.


  • Possibly no interruption of the running production
  • Very limited space

The Project



Software upgrade under the following circumstances:

  • Flexible installation in parallel with running production
  • Short installation phase
  • Lack of space:
    • Realisation in partial deliveries
    • Installation of ASi air boxes
  • Realisation of a higher protection appliance class than requested:
    • Installation of all components inside boxes and cabinets

“The change-over to Botec ran smoothly. The time management system planned by SYSKRON was always precisely on schedule. This allowed us to utilise our limited storage facilities efficiently without this resulting in major delays. With Botec F1, we now have a state-of-the-art software solution with which we can plan, monitor, control, document and evaluate our production processes. We create recipes, plan our orders and track our product batches seamlessly. What more could you ask for?”

Eugenio Caruana, Chief Operations Officer



1. UPgrade to latest botec f1 release

  • Replacement of the complete control system in the cellar
  • Upgrade of Botec F1 software in the brewhouse
  • Installation of ASi air boxes for direct connection of valves to ASi bus system
  • Installation of all components inside boxes and cabinets in order to achieve a higher protection appliance class then required

2. visualisation iltis wpf

  • Video mode for historical process analysis
  • Scalable images of process (vector graphics)
  • Gesture control via multi-touch screens
  • Replacement of the WinCC visualisation which was in use so far

3. Sky view for the filling and packaging area

  • At-a-glance display of key figures on large screen



  • High satisfaction with existing SYSKRON solution
  • Experienced team of experts
  • Extremely fast realisation of the project
  • Installation in parallel with running production
  • Flexible consideration of customer‘s production plan during conversion
  • Minimum shutdown of production required
  • Specialised and long-term committed to the beverage and liquid food industry


  • State of the art software solution
  • Time saving thanks to fast and smooth realisation of the upgrade
  • Flexible installation during running production
  • Minimum shutdown of production required
  • Savings in raw material
  • Lower license fees
  • Upgrade possible independently of existing equipment and previous suppliers
  • No changes to the process needed
  • Smooth coordination with third-party suppliers
Brewery building of Simonds Farsons


Logo Simonds Farsons

Simonds Farsons is Malta‘s biggest beverage producer. Since 2012, the company counts on the process control system SitePilot Botec F1 by SYSKRON in their state-of-the-art brewery. In 2019, the customer opted for an upgrade in their cellar.


Simonds Farsons




Biggest beverage producer in Malta

Beer: Lager, Ale, Pilsner, Hopleaf, Shandy, Milk Stout

Non-alcoholic beverages: Kinnie, water


Mriehel, Malta