Optimising the line transparency in the Brownfield environment

Digitalisation solution for Würzburger Hofbräu

Würzburger Hofbräu brewery was founded in 1643 and is one of the most important traditional breweries in Germany today. In order to successfully compete in the market, SYSKRON was commissioned to digitalise the first bottling line to optimise its transparency. Thereby the foundation for a production in the age of industry 4.0 was laid. 

four men in a shirt with red-white chequered checker sit with a beer mug in their hands around a Würzburg Hofräu beer keg in a brewhouse


Digitalisation of a Brownfield line at the Würzburg site to optimise production.


  • Connection and data tapping of existing machines from different years of manufacture
  • No line network available

The Project


  • Increase in the OEE
  • Optimising the line transparency
  • Implementation of a digital system
  • Automatic recording of causes of malfunctions within the line
  • Minimisation in operator activities thanks to a very high degree of automation

“Thanks to ReadyKit in combination with the S2A platform, we are now finally able to observe our line live, even from home if required. Also, our operators are able to record disruption and switchover times punctually on site with just a few clicks. This reduces the workload enormously. An additional advantage for me is that the operation of the services is also really great fun.”

Thomas Schwindel, Manager of Bottling and Operating Technology

The Solution

1. Edge Device - Readykit sensor

  • Continuous IT connection of the bottling line
  • Standardised recording and processing of the machine data (sensor data)
  • Integrated device management system for fully automated updates and patches

2. "performance" service

Visualisation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Live visualisation (24/7)
    • Transmission of status information for each machine
    • Overview of produced units and standstill duration (cumulative)
    • Analysis board for determining causes of malfunctions
  • Machine report
    • Visualisation of the most important KPIs (shift-based calculation)
    • Cumulative notice of loss
    • Display of standstill classifications

3. "incidents" Service

  • Logging and (post)classification of standstills
  • Standstill report for subsequent analysis

4. "connect" Service

  • Central information and communication hub
  • Information collection from additional services
  • Networking of employees and machines along the entire value chain
  • Library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) available


  • High level of competence and long-standing expertise in the beverages and liquid food industry
  • Best Practice solutions
  • An integrated solution covering all lines
  • Irrespective of original manufacturer (OEM)
  • Engineering locally on site at the customer’s
  • Remote support available (automated updates and patches)


  • Increase in transparency within the line
    • Automated recording of standstills
    • Visualisation of causes of malfunctions
  • Increase in quality of key performance indicators
  • Global availability of performance reports (24/7 – irrespective of device and location)
Würzburger Hofbräu at night


In the next step Würzburg Hofbräu would like to record causes of malfunctions with even greater precision. Also, the S2A platform will be expanded by a service in order to implement a Condition Monitoring scenario on the washer.



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The brewery was founded in 1643 by the Main-Franconian Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp von Schönborn and is today the oldest extant company in Würzburg.


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