Opening of new company premises

An inside view of our new offices

Our new company premises in Regensburg’s city centre were officially opened on 1st April 2019. In addition to the extra space now available, the new premises also offer the perfect location and room for creative ideas.

Wall with colourful graffiti



Like most companies, SYSKRON aspires to the achievement of continual growth and further development. One side effect of such growth is that our corporate sites in Wackersdorf and the industrial park in Regensburg were already bursting at the seams.

The solution: to open additional company premises/an office building right in the heart of Regensburg.

On 1st April 2019 we moved into the new offices in Maximilianstraße, which is located in the vicinity of the main station. A total of 760 square metres of floor space spread over two levels offer ample room for innovative spirit and creative flair.

On these two storeys, you can find around 45 colleagues tinkering with Cloud solutions, our IIoT Share2Act platform and the ReadyKit edge device, as well as other subjects from the field of machine learning and data science, among other things. Additional space was also created for internal company team meetings and external developers.



Meeting of two employees at a high table
Office impressions
Dachshund in front of graffiti wall
Three people sitting in front of a laptop
Yellow and green Vitra chairs
Yellow and green cushions in front of wooden pedestal
Yellow meeting box
Wooden table with stools and wooden bench
Yellow and green cushions on wooden bench
View of cube farm with colourful graffiti wall
Red slip-on figure in front of blue yellow background
Office with red carpet


During the room design phase, attention was drawn to the use of modern concepts, bright, friendly colours and sufficient places to retreat. In addition to open work areas for promoting communication, separate meeting spaces and discussion corners, the new premises were also given a “coding area”. This is a separate room with mobile workspaces which allow our developers to concentrate on their work without interruption. All in all, a variety of areas was created to offer all employees workplace flexibility.



In addition to the positive aspects already described, the new premises also have two extra advantages: The location, which is strategically favourable for reaching software specialists from the University of Regensburg and the OTH Regensburg, and the fact that it is easy to reach with public transport. Our colleagues in Regensburg’s industrial park are also not far away meaning that personal meetings can also be arranged with spontaneity.