Krones Digitalisation Webinar

Solution for Filling and Packaging Lines

60 customers from different sets of the beverage industry took part in two webinars on the subject of "Krones Digitalisation - Connected Line Solution for Filling and Packaging Lines".

Man sitting in front of screens
  • How can we secure our production?
  • What possibilities are there to act quickly and efficiently?
  • How can we compensate for low manpower?

Every company should always ask itself these questions. However, especially at the present time, these questions occupy the whole sector, even the entire industry. The foundation has already been laid with the major topic of digitization under the keyword Industry 4.0 – an opportunity that is already available to address the essential questions. To stay modern, to stay flexible - not to react, but to act!

With this motivation and thanks to the organization of Anil Garg (SA AP India) about 60 customers from different sets – beverages, breweries, distilleries – from India to Nepal could be won for two webinars on the topic “Krones Digitalisation - Connected Line solution for Filling and Packaging Lines” on 7th and 8th of May.

Both sessions focused on the Krones Connected Line solution. In a clear and motivating live demonstration by SYSKRON expert Martin Bauer, Operations Manager, the interested participants were given not only a superficial overview of the subject matter, but insights into the possibilities with the IIoT-platform Share2Act, the digitalisation solution in the cloud within the Connected Line package – along with hardware and the two cloud services Connect (Communication, Documentation & Collaboration) and Performance (Live Visualisation, Key Performance Indicators and Business Unit Management). The other packages in Asset Management and Condition Monitoring segments were presented as well. The in-depth questions asked in the subsequent round of FAQs showed the enthusiasm and that the participants were very much involved in the subject matter - or rather, what urgency there is for a solution.

A solution that we want to provide to our customers now, no matter what times we are in, that enables our customers to secure production, to remain flexible and active – a solution that makes the customer rethink how to turn factories into smart factories.


Do you also see yourself facing these challenges? Then get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.