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Operational Excellence & Digital Excellence

When it comes to new investment in digitalisation, the topics Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and connectivity are all too often detached from considerations of the routine challenges of day-to-day business operations. However, an analysis of the operational supply chain is just as important as that of the digital maturity stage. Our SYSKRON Business Consulting even goes one step further, seeing in the Operational Excellence of a beverages producer the foundation for sustainable self-improvement with the aid of digitalisation. But what do Operational and Digital Excellence actually mean?

Description of the terms Digital Excellence (DigEx) & Operational Excellence (OpEx). Background: Filling line with blue and green duotone layers.


Understanding the structure

To determine the success of a beverages company in terms of OpEx and DigEx, a survey has been developed which is available in German, English, French and Spanish. It asks specific questions on a variety of topic areas that have been identified as success factors for OpEx and DigEx through careful preliminary work and on the basis of many years of experience. The maturity stage of a company and its positioning in the relevant peer group are calculated using a points system derived from these categories.

List of Digital Excellence (DigEx) & Operational Excellence (OpEx) categories.

To enable evaluation across the individual categories, the survey is aimed solely at plant managers and technical managers. Once the questionnaire has been answered, a results report is created free of charge. It provides initial information on the digital and operational status of a company and also highlights its potential for improvement.


Classifying the company

Analyses to date have revealed a clear correlation between OpEx and DigEx: companies that perform well operationally also achieve much better results on the digital side. The starting point for a good consulting service is thus always the operational aspect of the company.

Illustration of the relationship between Operational Excellence (OpEx) & Digital Excellence (DigEx) using a coordinate diagram.

Further key findings from the survey:

  • Employee competence and leadership are important criteria for achieving OpEx. 
  • 49 per cent of those surveyed do not pursue a digitalisation strategy.
  • Cyber security is an issue of considerable importance, yet is little implemented in practice.
  • Senior management is an internal driver for achieving OpEx, but not for DigEx. This is certainly partly because many companies still do not view digitalisation as a management matter, but rather as the responsibility of their IT department.
  • A separate analysis of the companies by size or main product (beer or water/soft drinks) did not reveal any noticeable differences.

You are welcome to see the results in detail. To do so, just send an email to consulting(at)


Giving companies holistic advice

The aim of the survey is to give participants a detailed status report of their plant. It highlights strengths and potential, from which initial measures to deliver optimisation can be derived. It also provides information on the extent to which the implementation of digitalisation in a company correlates with its value added.

To obtain an even more comprehensive picture of the company, the site can also be analysed individually in a further step, involving additional management levels and an evaluation by our SYSKRON Business Consulting team.

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Our team of experts will be happy to advise you. We also provide a no-obligation link for participation in the survey so that you can see as well how your company rates.