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Foundation of Association

Effective 1 July, 2019, the Bavarian Industrial Association for Applied Artificial Intelligence (Industrieverein Bayern für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz e.V.) was founded in Regensburg. The organisation’s aim is to promote cross-sectoral knowledge exchange within Bavaria’s industrial community, and to foster the dissemination of knowledge about technologies and processes for applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is intended to contribute towards assuring and upgrading the future competitiveness of the companies concerned, and to assist the State of Bavaria in positioning itself as one of the world’s premier regions for applied AI technologies and processes.

In the shape of the SYSKRON company, a subsidiary of Krones AG, and TIKI (Technological Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence - Technologisches Institut für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH), the organisation has already brought on board two companies for collaboration.

“The aim is to foster the exchange of knowledge and empirical feedback in the field of AI not only in Bavaria, but also through international contacts with other companies, institutions and prominent persons. Because for Bavaria to be able to position itself globally on the issue of AI, you have to also put in place mutual feedback arrangements with other innovation ecosystems,” explains Severin Diepold, a founding member of the organisation, and Managing Director of Syskron X GmbH.

One of the organisation’s cornerstones here is closer networking between companies, universities and colleges, plus research institutions in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly by brokering cooperative projects that are to be conducted within the framework of students’ papers and doctoral dissertations. In addition, they are keen to assist start-ups from the field of AI, by networking them with established companies.

“We are hoping, of course, that more companies, universities and start-ups will join our organisation, so that we can in fact achieve our goal of closer networking,” adds Severin Diepold. “In the near future, we shall accordingly be proactively approaching the companies and the universities in order to bring them on board for our projects. But anyone who’s already interested can get in touch with us at any time.”

founding members

Founding members of the Industrial Association for Applied Artificial Intelligence