Cyber Security Workshop

The number of cyber security threats is increasing worldwide - also in the beverage and liquid food industry.

How can we effectively fight those threats?

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These and other questions were posed by the participants at the SYSKRON Cyber Security Workshop, which took place on 18th June 2019 at Krones AG headquarters in Neutraubling, Germany. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the challenges of IT security with our customers from the beverage and liquid food industries, and to facilitate an exchange between companies on individual threats, protection concepts and solutions. The focus here was not only on technical aspects, but also on the "human factor" which is often ignored.

After the first workshop took place in March this year at the SYSKRON headquarters in Wackersdorf, this one is already the second of its kind. While the initial event focused on customers from DACH region, this time the workshop was aimted to English-speaking clients. In detail, the workshops were addressed to technical management, IT/OT security officers, responsible persons and specialists from production technology, automation, digitalisation and IT from the participating companies. In addition to presentations by SYSKRON and Krones experts of IT security and Business Consulting, the event also featured interactive discussions and presentations by external industry experts. A guided tour through the Krones AG headquarters in Neutraubling rounded off the intensive framework programme. 


of the event

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Kick off

and topics

Our colleague Dr. Michael Eberhard, Head of Business Consulting, opened the event with his keynote speech. Right at the beginning, he asked the question "Where does the journey of 'digitalisation' lead us in the beverage industry?” The Cyber Security experts then sensitized the participants to the current threat situation within the industry and determined the individual cyber security situation of each participating company, using a specially created questionnaire. In comparison, a Krones colleague explained how the security concepts of Krones HMI interact. The interactive sessions, in which the participants were also able to exchange best practice with each other, were particularly appreciated. The experts at SYSKRON Cyber Security also benefit directly from the practical knowledge exchanged, as the findings flow directly into product design. The participants also welcomed the fact that SYSKRON Cyber Security is not only active in an advisory capacity, but also develops and implements concrete IT security solutions for our customers - right up to the Security Operations Center. 

Further topics

at a glance

  • From one-time network analysis to continuous SOC monitoring, core concepts for the ideal network structure of production facilities
  • The network engineer's magnifying glass: a detailed network analysis from the perspective of cyber security
  • On the way to SOC for production: Continuous monitoring and anomaly detection with special solutions (including live demo/live trail)
  • Continuous improvement through management systems: Advantages of ISO 27001 or IEC 62443 certification


Finally, the workshop participants considered a crucial and often disregarded factor: the human being.

"Social engineering exploits human characteristics, of which there are thousands. Here's an important insight: Every human being can be exploited, but unlike IT, you cannot patch them. Awareness training and targeted campaigns counteract this and may raise awareness of security threats immensely", says Benjamin Süß, SYSKRON Cyber Security.

Are you interested in the questionnaire for the individual cyber security evaluation of your company? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to send you the questionnaire.