A smart factory for Changyu Wine

digitalisation solution in China

With a 25% market share, Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited is one of the most renowned Chinese wineries – and the only one ranked among the world’s top 50 brands of spirits and wine. Besides wine, the company now also produces brandy, champagne and liqueurs. The production plant at the company’s headquarters in Yantai is one of the most modern worldwide. For the subjects of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are not just empty ideas there, but have been turned into reality with the help of SYSKRON.

“With the aid of the SYSKRON planning system we were able to reduce the time needed to generate an optimised production plan from 2 days to 2 hours. The software increases the transparency and flexibility of our production system.”

Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Ltd.

The initial situation

Installation of a greenfield factory at the Yantai plant for the production of wine and brandy products.


Integration of

  • 3 Krones high-speed bottling plants (25,000 bph, 15,000 bph and 12,000 bph)
  • 7 further lines from third-party suppliers
  • Interface to SAP, the warehouse management system and product manufacturing area of the entire factory

The project


  • Achievement of a digital system with paperless production
  • Complete integration of production in the SAP ERP system
  • Increase in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Optimisation of change-over times
  • Minimisation of operator activities through the highest level of automation
  • Optimisation of the production planning process
  • Complete traceability

The solution


  • Optimised succession of production orders
  • Consideration of customer requirements, warehouse stocks of raw materials and the end product
  • Integration in SAP and order management system
  • Immediate reaction and optimisation if production changes are made


  • Automatic parameterisation of devices and printers to avoid failures
  • Optimisation of change-over times
  • Automatic ordering of raw materials to AGVs


  • Real-time visualisation of the entire bottling and packaging area
  • Continual KPI and downtime analyses
  • Complete traceability of production orders and material consumptions


  • Complete integration in SAP
  • Complete integration in the automation and SCADA level


  • Completely integrated system: from the sensor to the SAP ERP via transparent and standardised interfaces
  • One integrated solution for all of the lines
  • Independent from the third-party PLC
  • Best-practice solutions
  • High level of competence and many years of expertise in beverage and liquid-food production
  • Local engineering and support in the customer’s plant


  • Factory-wide standards
  • Line benchmark
  • Clear reduction in the planning work involved
  • Optimised use of resources
  • Flexible production capacity utilisation
  • Stable quality and complete transparency in production
  • Reduction in manual entries and confirmations as well as relieving of routine work
  • Increase in productivity and line efficiency


Changyu placed an additional order for an independent solution for the integration of its lines from third-party suppliers using SYSKRON ReadyKit technology.



company logo of Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Ltd

Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Ltd. is the largest wine producer in China. In 2013 the company selected SYSKRON as its partner for setting up a system in Yantai. The project is viewed as being a flagship project for the China 2025 initiative.


Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Ltd.




Largest wine producer in China
Wine, Brandy, Champagne, Liqueur


Company Headquarters: Yantai
11 specialised châteaus worldwide, of which 8 are in China:
Beijing, Yinchuan, Shihezi, Xi’an, Huanlong