25 years of Botec

The process control for professionals

Botec is celebrating its anniversary. It has been on the market since 1994 and has evolved to become one of the leading process control systems in the beverage and liquid-food industry. Today, Botec is being used in over 2,400 lines all over the world. Not only breweries, but dairies, soft drinks manufacturers and spirits producers also swear by our process control system. To ensure that we continue to live up to our pioneering role, we are still constantly tweaking our improvements and functional expansions after 25 years.

Data streams at valve clusters in beverage production

The new Release

At a glance

The new Botec release is available with the following innovations:

1. Optimisations in recipe and order management

  • Even easier parts list management
  • Optimised synchronisation of process sequences and parts lists

2. Completely revised tracking & tracing module

  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Comprehensive ability to filter data
  • Improved transparency
  • Access to all batch information
Botec: View of the revised tracking & tracing module - 1/3
Botec: View of the revised tracking & tracing module - 2/3
Botec: View of the revised tracking & tracing module - 3/3

3. Gesture control with our new Connected HMI from Krones

  • Display which has received multiple awards
  • User-friendly authentification with RFID token directly on the device
  • Integrated status LED for alarms and notifications
Botec: Man's finger touches display - Connected HMI

4. Expanded functions for bar code scanners

5. Expanded test functions for SQL server

  • Possibility for the operator to already perform regular inspections
  • Easy-to-grasp traffic light function for the simple display of the server’s overall status
  • Early detection of performance problems
  • Enhanced operational reliability
Botec: View of the expanded test function for SQL- server

6. Expanded Consumption Report

Botec: View of the expanded consumption report

Available for the Iltis WPF visualisation solution:

1. Optimised touch-screen support

  • Improved ergonomics for the operator
  • Individually scalable buttons and font sizes
  • Responsive design for optimal use on desktops, tablets and cellphones
  • Two-hand operation as additional protection for all safety-relevant functions

2. Display of trend views from the consumption report

Botec F1

Our process control system