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SYSKRON is currently represented at two locations in Regensburg: At Gewerbepark and, as of spring 2019, in Maximilianstrasse. Both locations have their own individual charm. While the colleagues in the Maximilianstrasse office benefit from the company’s central location in the centre of Regensburg’s Old Town area, the premises at Gewerbepark offer numerous free parking spaces. One major advantage for all of the employees who work in Regensburg is the short distance between the two locations: If an employee needs to be personally present at a meeting in the other office, the journey only takes a few minutes by car.

And after work? Regensburg really offers the just right kind of leisure activity for every type of person. Culture and art, a large number of parks, cafés and restaurants and – fun fact – the highest density of bars and pubs in Germany: We can guarantee that no-one will be bored. Would you also like to become part of our Regensburg team? Then take a look at our open job vacancies.



  • Very good infrastructure (motorway access, public transport, car park)
  • Wide range of catering options on offer: sandwiches sold directly in the office, also bakeries, meat delis, restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance
  • Also at Gewerbepark: green areas with a lake, children’s nursery, a range of shops, doctors’ offices...

City Centre

  • Ideal public transport network: only a four-minute walk away from the main train and bus stations
  • Right in the middle of the pedestrian area: large number of shopping facilities
  • Take-away on every corner
  • Only a few minutes’ walk away from the cathedral and other sites

Why do you love working at Syskron

in Regensburg?


“Here in Regensburg, I am completely flexible about where I open up my laptop - yesterday a  meeting at Gewerbepark, today brainstorming with my team in the city centre and tomorrow elaborating ideas in my home office.” 


“Here at Gewerbepark we have a lot of meeting rooms with highly modern furnishings which offer enough space for quick meetings, brainstorming sessions or even video conferences. Apart from that, I enjoy having lunch with my colleagues at one of the various restaurants around Gewerbepark.” 


"I appreciate the flexibility and mobility in Regensburg. Whether by public transport or by bike, the offices in Regensburg are always good and quickly accessible. In addition, the intelligently designed and structured workspaces leave enough room for creativity and productivity."

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