A day with Sabrina

Software Developer at SYSKRON

Sabrina is a software developer at SYSKRON and works at our site in the Gewerbepark Regensburg.

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A word

with Sabrina

Sabrina, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you and where do you come from?

I am 28 years old and come from a village in the Cham district.

What did you do before coming to SYSKRON?

I trained as an IT specialist in applications development at Krones, then went on to study general information technology in Regensburg and Vancouver. After that I was a developer of software products in the reproductive medicine sector.

What does your job at SYSKRON entail?

I am a software developer focusing on our Line Diagnostics and Manufacturing Intelligence products.



How would you describe a typical working day?

My working day is made up of software development and communicating with my team. As a software developer, I make sure that the requirements are clarified, assess proposed solutions and then implement them, and create algorithms. I'm also responsible for the software architecture and automated tests. As regards team communication, I review the tasks of my team colleagues and all the modifications made to our products by external colleagues. I also consult regularly on planned modifications. In our daily meetings we also discuss what we did yesterday, what we're doing today and what we want to achieve by the next day.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Software development demands a lot of creativity, because there are many different approaches to solving a problem. The process of getting there is always exciting.

What do you like best here?

I enjoy working together with my team, and the fact that there's such a huge variety of work to do. It's also brilliant working with the many different technologies.

How do you spend your lunchbreak? Do you buy food or bring your own?

I usually buy something to eat together with my colleagues in the industrial park.

Your desk: messy or methodical?

Methodical in the morning, messy in the evening.

What has been your most exciting project so far at SYSKRON?

My most exciting project was the development of a microservice architecture to replace software monoliths.

Woman at the computer in the office

Sabrina especially likes the creativity - there are many ways to solve a problem and she finds this very exciting.



Who is in your team, and how are the areas of responsibility divided up?

Our team consists of eight software developers. We work together on a range of tasks to do with our products. Of course everyone has their own particular areas of expertise, but we learn from and complement each other.

What items – apart from your work equipment – do you always take with you to work?

I always take my headphones with me.

Night owl or early bird?

Forcedly I am an Early Bird, because I am bound to a car sharing. 

And after work? What do you do to relax?

I enjoy playing volleyball after work, but we're also right in the middle of building a house, so that takes up a lot of time. When I go on holiday, I try to get around a lot.

Your most embarrassing situation at SYSKRON?

So far I've managed to get by without getting into any embarrassing situations – at least I think so ;)

Would you recommend SYSKRON as an employer to others?


Is there a downside?

As a developer, we are at the end of the "software creation chain", so if requirements are forgotten or haven't been defined clearly enough, we are the ones who notice this, which can lead to problems that we then have to solve.

What is your favourite joke?

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ‘Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!’ The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ‘The driver just insulted me!’ The man says: ‘You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.‘

If money were no object, what would you have done last weekend?

I would probably have been somewhere on holiday and would have paid off our house.

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