A day with Matthias

Software Developer at SYSKRON

Matthias is one of our software developers and works for SYSKRON at our site in the centre of Regensburg. He tells us in an interview what he likes so much about his first job after graduating.

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A word

with Matthias

Matthias, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you and where do you come from? 

I am 30 years old and come from Lappersdorf.

And what did you do before coming to SYSKRON?

I did a master's in physics at the University of Regensburg. 

What does your job at SYSKRON entail?

I mainly do front end development for our products Watchdog and Connect, but I also work on internal tools.

Sounds exciting. What attracted you to SYSKRON?

The attraction comes from the digitalisation. For me, the most exciting thing about digitalisation in industry is connecting people and machines in a way that is simple for the end user to understand. It's important not just to know what is happening in the system at that particular time, but also to see what happened in the past. The data collected allows us not only to draw conclusions as to how the production on day XY was, which shift works better or which machine is the most efficient: it is also possible to predict future events from past events, which enables us to be proactive. The data we collect from machines we then aggregate, analyse and ultimately visualise for the customer, helping them understand their system better and work more efficiently.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Every day I can learn something new, either through the work itself or through my colleagues.



How would you describe a typical working day? 

I don't think it is really different from that of other developers. I plan my day in the morning and get to work. Besides working directly on tickets – be it a new feature, the extension of an existing feature, or searching for bugs – my day consists of a few meetings, discussions with other developers, and finally documentation. One thing I absolutely need is my notebook, both to write things down or to take notes of meetings or just to document my work.

What do you like best here?

Since I started here I've got really close to my team and we've grown together.

How do you spend your lunchbreak? Do you buy food or bring your own?

Usually I bring something from home. If I hadn't had any time to cook, there are plenty of eating options just outside the door, so I can always buy myself something.

Your desk: messy or Monk?

Everything has its place there, I'm definitely a Monk.

What has been your most exciting project so far at SYSKRON?

When we introduced the observer role for Connect, because that was when I learned the most about the product.

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Man in front of a computer
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Who is in your team, and how are the areas of responsibility divided up?

In my team there are three other developers apart from me (Andreas, Emil and Felix), two operations managers (Laura and Martin), a dedicated owner (Elmer) and a team lead (Marco).

What items – apart from your work equipment – do you always take with you to work?

Food and headphones.

Night owl or early bird?

Definitely an early bird. Working too late at night is almost useless because your head needs to get some rest sometime, so you end up working more slowly.

And after work? What do you do to relax?

If I feel like doing sports after work, I go cycling or bouldering, but sometimes I'll just sit back and watch Netflix.

Would you recommend SYSKRON as an employer to others?

Definitely. If you want to work in exciting areas, this is exactly the right place. Everyone who can contribute to helping us achieve our common objective can develop their potential. We also get on well with each other, and work is a whole lot easier if you're in a good mood.



Is there a downside?

Given all the areas you find interesting, it's difficult keeping on top of things and staying up-to-date with everything. That means you have to make your mind up quickly.

What are you known for at SYSKRON?

For my good mood.

What TV hero would you like to be?

Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99.

And what have you always wanted to say on television?

"Granny, I'm on television!"

What is your favourite joke?

When life gives you lemonade, make lemons! Life will be all like "whaaaat?" - Phil Dunphy

If money were no object, what would you have done last weekend?

I would have been in San Francisco, spending the whole weekend enjoying the city.


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