A day with Martin

Operations Manager at SYSKRON

Martin has been part of SYSKRON at our site in the city centre of Regensburg for almost two years. He tells us in an interview what it's like working with the best team in the world.

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A word

with Martin

Martin, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you and where do you come from?

I am 37 years old, was born in Bad Tölz and grew up in the Bavarian forest (Furth im Wald). After graduating I settled in Regensburg and now live in Neutraubling. 

What did you do before coming to SYSKRON?

While I was studying information science I spent a long time as a working student working on lithography at Infineon, where I wrote machine setups for lighting machinery. Then I became a freelance communication trainer, working for the city of Nuremberg, the city of Munich and the Boston Consulting Group, among others, in presentation techniques, meeting management, negotiating skills and leadership. I was also a lecturer for the "Intercultural communication" course at the University of Regensburg. 

What attracted you to SYSKRON?

What attracted me first and foremost was that I could combine my two courses of study – information science and verbal communication & speech training. Digital communication meets verbal communication. Here at SYSKRON I have the best of both worlds.

What does your job entail?

I am an operations manager and technical trainer, which means I am a link between customers and dedicated owners as well as a product specialist for Share2Act and Connect. I provide support to the sales team, help to design and set up customer platforms and deliver customer training. I'm also responsible for internal product communication and release communication for Share2Act, I write training concepts, set up the customer platform and train the workforce.

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Busy: Martin and his operations colleague Laura at their weekly meeting.

4 Coffees

a day

How would you describe a typical working day? 

With my first coffee I check my emails, see to customer problems and handle sales enquiries. With my second coffee I am in a meeting with the other operations in order to establish and coordinate processes for Connected Line. After the lunchbreak I manage to fit in a third coffee at some stage and spend my time on product launches, training or feedback calls, when I pass on feedback to the dedicated owner and create tickets. Late in the afternoon I drink my fourth and last coffee while, for instance, holding internal training courses in our Share2Act platform for new employees. Then I fetch a bottle of water and plan the next day.

What do you like best here?

The corporate and team structures, and the fact that you can change things here – everyone listens and is open to input. Everyone has time to help, even when things are stressful.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

The new challenges each week, and how we respond to them: there are always new processes to be designed, or information that has to be made transparent and communicated to others. You learn something new every day here, and you can apply what you have learnt straight away. I'm also working with the coolest team in the world!

Is there a downside?

See the previous question: there are always new challenges ;)

How do you spend your lunchbreak? Do you buy food or bring your own?

I would say 70 percent of the time I bring something with me to eat, the other 30 percent I buy something.

Your desk: messy or Monk?

I like to think of it as a fluid transition between the two.

What has been your most exciting project so far at SYSKRON?

I can't decide between my first customer training in South Africa when I was in my third week at SYSKRON and the training and establishment of the Share2Act platform for KRONES Taicang in China…both were unforgettable.

Man and woman sitting on a couch
Man in front of a computer

Night owl

not early bird

Who is in your team, and how are the areas of responsibility divided up?

Marco is my teamlead and makes sure that we can pursue our topics, which means that he takes care of the overriding issues and keeps the unnecessary from us. "Us", that is Laura and me. Our team has two operations managers, with Laura as product specialist taking care of the Watchdog Service and me taking care of the Connect Service. Our contact person is the Dedicated Owner of the products, whom we shower with feedback and new ideas. The important basis of our team are our developers Andreas, Emil, Felix, Matthias and some external programmers.

What items – apart from your work equipment – do you always take with you to work?

My blue SYSKRON sandwich bag, really retro!

Night owl or early bird?

Night owl.

And after work? What do you do to relax?

A mixture of outdoor and indoor activities: from traditional archery through hiking to almost meditative cooking.

Would you recommend SYSKRON as an employer to others?

Of course, what else can I say?



What are you known for at SYSKRON?

You'd have to ask the others about that.

What TV hero would you like to be?

Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the starship Enterprise, who despite constantly facing tricky situations always keeps a cool head and stays calm. There is always a solution. "Make it so."

What is your favourite joke?

I can never remember jokes, but I enjoy laughing.

If money were no object, what would you have done last weekend?

Gained new impressions – I know you can do that everywhere, but preferably somewhere far, far away, sitting in a lively, sunny place, drinking a coffee and chatting with people.

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