A day with Elmer

Dedicated Owner at SYSKRON

Elmer is Dedicated Owner at SYSKRON and responsible for the products Watchdog and Connect. In the interview he talks about his daily work routine and what he appreciates about his job.

A word

with Elmer

Elmer, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 35 and originally from the wonderful Rheinland. As product owner I would say - roadmap: Magdeburg -> Cologne -> Aachen -> Regensburg -> Regenstauf.

What did you do before you joined SYSKRON?

I worked for a mechanical engineering company in Regensburg in sales and as project manager.

What attracted you to SYSKRON?

At that time I got an offer from our ( meanwhile) managing director to build up the operative business for the former Share2Act - today's Connect. That sounded very attractive, because the tasks were so diverse. It then became clear that my passion was in the role of product owner. This is what I do now as my main activity and I really enjoy it.

What does your job entail?

I am Dedicated Owner / Product Owner / Product Manager for the condition monitoring tool Watchdog and the collaboration tool Connect. I am responsible for the roadmap of the product, administrate the backlog and exchange information with numerous stakeholders. I am the link between the product operation, management and development. Furthermore, I took over the Dedicated Owner Guild Leadership during the introduction phase.



What does a typical working day at your company look like?

The day is always different. I exchange a lot of information with the Operations Managers and the developers (for example Matthias) about bugs in the products (which of course never exist ;)), write user stories for new features, consult with my Dedicated Owner colleagues about features and where they could be placed in the products.

What do you like best here?

The role as product owner. At the end of the day, the most important thing in my view is that not only the portfolio is coherent, but also that the functions of the products are interlinked so that the customer has a holistic experience. That's why I find it incredibly exciting to see the Tandem Share2Act Platform and ReadyKit as a whole in this role. Also always with regard to the SitePilot portfolio.

How do you spend your lunch break? Do you buy food or bring your own?

It depends on whether there are leftovers from the day before from home. I'd say the ratio is 70/30 per meal buy.

Your desk: messy or Monk?


What has been your most exciting project at SYSKRON so far?

I can hardly decide between three topics:
1. To define the future Watchdog together with Watchdog Operations Manager Laura shortly before my parental leave and to take the product to a whole new level.
2. To transfer the functions of Share2Act (Classic) into Connect as a product.
3. To build the Dedicated Owner/Product Owner guild with my colleagues.

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Early owl

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Who is in your team, and how are the areas of responsibility divided up? 

As already mentioned I am the link to various colleagues. I work together with my two Operations colleagues and get valuable input on the current use of Connect from Martin and for Watchdog from Laura. I discuss technological decisions with my developer colleagues and review the backlog of what will be developed next. Topics like budgeting are clarified with our team lead. Trend-setting product decisions are usually made together with the team.

What items - apart from your work equipment - do you always take with you to work?

Noise cancelling headphones, fruit tea and my iPad - and after work?

And after work? What do you do to relax?

I became a dad a few months ago. There is not much time for other things than being a dad - preferably in nature! If there's a gap, I indulge my old passion of music journalism (I used to be a radio presenter for a long time during my studies) or play board games like T.I.M.E Stories. Every two weeks I get an evening at the Gravenreuther for a round table.

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Early Owl. I think all new daddies speak from experience that sleep becomes a very, very rare (and highly appreciated) commodity ;)

Through Europe

in a Bulli

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Managing the balancing act between all stakeholders is certainly the most exciting and at the same time the most challenging. On the one hand management and operations, who would like to have everything today rather than tomorrow, and on the other hand development, which tries to make everything stable and accurate. Finding the healthy and sustainable middle way is extremely exciting every day.

What are you known for at SYSKRON?

For my Rhineland cheerfulness (there are said to be colleagues who have adopted the word "tuppes" into their language) and for exemplifying the open culture of debate ;)    

Which TV-hero would you like to be?

Turk from Scrubs.

What is your favourite joke?

I am super bad at telling jokes. That's why I recommend the postillion as a news source.

If money were no object: What would you have done last weekend?

I would have quickly installed a high-end hi-fi system in our van, then made a short detour to the next Apple Store, bought the store empty and then went hiking in the Alps in the van. On the way back to Holland to the sea. Was a very long weekend. :)

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